About Geoascent

Our focus

Geoascent (formerly Open Geo-Information Solutions) specialise in implementation in range of customer focused geospatial solutions. We assist and provide services ensuring that each project is delivered to the highest standards. We have strong breadth in knowledge and valuable experience in many with industry grade software platforms. We keep on the forefront of emerging technologies and how they may benefit new and existing customers. We have an excellent track record in delivering training courses in GIS related toolsets.

Open source geospatial tools have matured into a trusted platform for modern enterprise and government seeking to reduce costs and end reliance on closed proprietary providers. Navigating the web and getting to grips with open source GIS can be challenging and opting for these tools as part of a business process can seem relatively risky. Geoascent can help by combining both business and government GIS experience with opens source expertise to help organisations learn, develop and adopt the right tools in safe, measured and supported manner. We use the widely available GIS tools provide training so you know how to use them; consultancy to ensure the tools work for your business and support so you have somewhere to go when you need some assistance.

Our team

Principal consultant

Andrew Bell MSc

Andrew Bell Photo

Andrew is a highly skilled technical consultant with experience in local government sector and GIS training. His fields of expertise are geographical information systems management, QGIS software and Spatial Database Management Systems. Andrew has an MSc degree in Geographical Information Systems from Portsmouth University (UK) and a BA (hons) in Geography and Management from the University of Leeds (UK). Andrew has 8 years’ experience working as a local government GIS manager implementing corporate-wide solutions as well establishing open source infrastructure including a Spatial Data Warehouse. Open Geo-Information Solution has been in operation since 2011 where Andrew has provided training, consultancy and project management services to both private and public sectors.

Partnership approach

Geoascent has a partnership with geospatial solutions company with a long tradition of consistent performance and enduring client relationships built along with quality services.

This partnership bring extra experience, technical resources and worldwide capacity to enable excellent performance on any geospatial projects imparticular in Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, ORTHO, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Remote Sensing, etc.) Staff includes surveyors, pilots, engineers, Photogrammetrists, as well as mapping scientists and GIS specialists.

Together no job too small or large, we provide our services to independent geomatics companies, government bodies and Private sector including energy, oil and gas, forestry, Pipelines, Urban and rural planning, Agriculture, Fishery, coastal management, Minings, Water Management, Telecom Networking, Cad Engineering, DBM and Transportations industries. The information is provided in a format that is ready to integrate into various types of GIS and CAD systems that our clients utilise.

GIS & Spatial Database Services

Opensource GIS and database training courses from the GeoAscent Academy.
Strategy, GIS design & development, Database implementation
GIS & Mapping Services
Photogrammetry, Lidar, Remote Sensing, Analysis, Map Production