GIS Strategy

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On: July 15th 2016

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GeoAscent offers a range of geospatial consultancy services to make GIS work for your organisation. From choosing the most appropriate solution to ensuring GIS is embedded into your business processes to achieve efficient outcomes. GeoAscent can take a strategic and indepenedent view of GIS across your organisation providing up to date solutions profiting from modern developments in information and communications technologies.

Away from Access

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On: July 21st 2016

Category: Databases

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Geoascent can migrate your MS Access database into enterprise database solution such as PosgreSQL or MS SQL server a in centrally held server or cloud location. Your interface to database can remain through your origingal Access forms but with the knowledge that there is one version of the data in a safe location. Moreover if your data has a spatial element this can be available in your GIS and if you are using QGIS we can redesign your forms so all your data can be managed with in QGIS. Please contact us to discuss and for a demonstration.


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